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The Importance of Company Branding

We recently gave our delivery trucks a facelift – and wow, the end product looks amazing! What are you doing to actively grow awareness of your brand in today’s competitive market? Many elements work together to create a unique and attention-grabbing look for your business. It starts with an amazing logo, but you need to […]

New name, new look! Basson Workwear decides to launch Zion Clothing house brand.

New name, new look! Basson Workwear decides to launch Zion Clothing house brand. Basson Workwear has decided to rename their trusted workwear house brand Atlas, to Zion workwear. The new name and new look of the brand is fresh and modern. The brand promises to deliver the same quality and superior products that Atlas clients […]

The standards of high-visibility safety apparel

In many industries, workers are required to wear high-visibility clothing to alert others of their presence, especially when working in dark or dimly lit areas. A good example of workers requiring high-visibility workwear, is construction workers. They often work in highly-trafficked areas and can become seriously injured if they are hit by a vehicle. Consider […]

HACCP Compliance Criteria for Workwear Garments

HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) is internationally accepted as the most cost-effective method of preventing food contamination from chemical, microbiological and physical hazards. A register of approved protective clothing for each work activity/area must be kept. All approved protective clothing should be designed to cover or replace personal clothing and meet the following criteria: […]

Cotton vs Polycotton Workwear Garments: A Comparison

The suitability and safety of a workwear garment is largely determined by the material and fabrics it is made with. There are some technical differences between different styles that you should be aware of, so you can select the right garment. Different work environments and jobs require different types of workwear. Choose the right fabric […]

Love Earth with Recycled Stationery

Do you know that we sell recycled stationery? We offer a range of eco-friendly notebooks and pens that can be branded with your company logo. By buying recycled corporate gifts, you are making a huge contribution to reducing waste, and spreading awareness for recycling. The notebook covers and pages and pen barrels from our Barron […]

10 Tips for Safety Boot Care

These essential tips will keep your safety footwear in top notch condition, ensuring longevity and comfort. 1. Ideally, have two pairs of work boots. Because leather absorbs moisture very well, footwear needs up to 24 hours to release the perspiration they soak up from your feet. Alternating work boots will allow each pair to rest […]